Experienced in Film and Television production, we implement high-end media expertise into your content. From the first idea to the final cut, we combine the genre’s of Commercial and Documentary. Collaboration is key, for capturing your brand.

 Testimonial – Judges from the Prolific North Champion Awards 2023 on Noah’s Win

 “You are a true rising star who has already achieved so much. You are a great example of how hard work, dedication and positive attitudes proves you can achieve your dreams whilst inspiring others along the way. The Judges described you as an inspiring leader and content creator.”

 Testimonial – Rebecca Scott  (Artist and Curator of Cross Lane Projects)
 “I really loved the video, I think you crafted the video…incredibly well. You made me look and sound knowledgable, and for that I’m happy. It flows really well.” 

Testimonial – Olivia Bax

(Mark Tanner Sculpture Award)

 “Honestly, I can’t thank you enough – you’ve given us such great work – Thanks so much for being so patient with us – with the edits and making sure it is just right. I have no further requests with the films themselves – they are really perfect”

Testimonial – Aidan Elliot, Lockdown Film Festival Judge & Producer         (House of Gucci, Napoleon)

[Grandma] “It was a real sucker punch…I felt it was told tastefully as it could have been given the circumstances and really drove home the sense of helplessness…the Director had captured that very nicely.”






Gulf Oil International (2023)

Working with We Are Social UK, we edited a commercial for Gulf Oil International.


Meditation & Vision Board (2024)

A meditation in which we meet our future selves. Yoga with Jai.

Starring: Cherrelle Anne

Artist: Moby Gratis
Song: Going Wrong

Lee Chambers at One Young World (2023)

Event documentation on Lee Chambers, a guest speaker at One Young World 2023. He discussed topics such as Neurodiversity and equality in the work place. One Young World is a summit which invites Young World Leaders to come together, in order to confront the biggest challenges facing our future.

Music: HoliznaCC0 ‘Find Yourself’

GET Free Books: Short Story Competition (2023)

The first annual Short Story Competition, organised by GET Free Bookshop, Sale and Bluesci Charity, Trafford. With guest presenters; Author, David Gaffney and BBC News Reporter, Eleanor Moritz.

Music: Jahzzar ‘Fastest Man on Earth’, ‘Damned’

4 (2022)

Presented by Rebecca Scott with sculpture artists Nicola Tassie. They discuss the sculpture art of four artists; Lawson Oyekan, William Plumptre, Nicola Tassie and Gavin Turk.

Evolutionary Love (2022)

Exhibition by Dean Kenning: Mark Tanner Sculpture Award.                                                                    

Exhibited at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal.

Track Brewery 10K Run (2022)

A short promo for Track Brewery 10K Run, in association with North Face.

In Conversation – Lubna Chowdhary and David Batchelor (2021)

A conversation with Lubna Chowdhary, presented by David Batchelor. Recorded during Lubna’s recent exhibition ‘Erratics’. In partnership with PEER UK. 


Absorption by Mark Woods.                                

Exhibited at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal.

Off Grid (2020) 

Olivia Bax Sculpture Exhibition: Mark Tanner Sculpture Award.                                

Exhibited at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal. 

The Super Carooper Heroes (2020)

The recruitment superheroes are back, in a comedy corporate video for the recruitment company Caroo.

Jobs Seekers Anonymous (2020)

Job Seekers Anonymous, where Job Seekers off-load their emotional burn out. A comedy corporate video for the recruitment company Caroo.

Caroo Kung Fu (2020)

Parody Kung Fu instructor video for the recruitment company Caroo.


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Grandma (2020)

Winner: Audience Choice Award: Lockdown Film Festival

Official Selection: Lockdown Film Festival, Birmingham Film Festival and Manchester International Film Festival.

Nominated: Best Short Film: Birmingham Film Festival and Manchester International Film Festival

MANIFF: North West Shorts 
Screening with Q&A, Chapeltown Picture House.

Rainbow (2020)

Winner: NFTS 60 Second Challenged.

Selected: Lockdown Shorts: The Bridge Project

DTF (2020) Feature Documentary 

Director: Alan Bailey

Cinematographer: Nathan Codrington

Camera Operator: Noah Chebouli

Jumpseat Productions. Distributed by Lionsgate UK.

A filmmaker follows his friend a widowed pilot across the world, to find love on Tinder. The quest spins to an expose of depraved behaviour.

Released in the UK & US on; Prime Video, iTunes Store, Apple TV and Sky Store plus many more on demand services. DTF reached Number 1 in UK Documentary iTunes Chart.



Meera Mistry - Producer

Meera is a freelance producer of documentaries and short films and works in the TV, Film and Commercial industry. 

Meera produced the documentary My God, I’m Queer for the award-winning charity, Naz and Matt Foundation which is currently available on All4 (Channel 4). In addition to her TV work, Meera was selected in 2019 by BFI Film Hub North to take part in their Creative Producer School and Peaches Producer Club as an emerging Producer in 2020.

Noah Chebouli - Camera + Editor

Noah Chebouli is a freelance Assistant Director and Camera Operator, in the Film & TV Industry. Winner of the Outstanding Young Rising Star Award at the Prolific North Champion Awards 2023 and a Mentee on the Screen Skills Mentorship Programme 2022

Grandma, won the Audience Choice Award and was in the Official Shortlist at the Lockdown Film Festival. As well as being Nominated for Best Short and in the Official Selection at Birmingham and Manchester International Film FestivalHis short Rainbow was selected by the NFTS, for their 60 Second Challenge. And the Lockdown Shorts showcase, with The Bridge Project Manchester.